TRON episode 22 – Mission to S’mores

Our latest episode of Terrific Recordings of Nothing has been published. We cover the following:

  • Disney News
    • La Nouba ending run at Disney Springs on 12/31/17
    • Epcot International Festival of the Arts will return in 2018
    • New Joffrey’s Coffee location opened on 3/7/17 in Tomorrowland
    • Construction at the Caribbean Beach Resort; would it stop you from staying there?
    • DVC at Wilderness Lodge going on sale; opening in summer
    • Star Wars Rogue One on Blu Ray and DVD 4/4; available on digital on 3/24
    • More research on Joffrey’s Coffee by Chris
  • Moana
    • Discussion about the movie
  • Beauty and the Beast and all live action remakes
    • Discussion
  • New animated series
  • Pick of the week

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Vacationland – Fall 1971 – Inaugural Edition

Vacationland was a magazine published three times a year by Walt Disney World. It was distributed through hotels, motels, and tourist attractions and was targeted to the people vacationing throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana. This is the Inaugural Edition from Fall, 1971. It’s interesting to see the marketing of WDW and the partnerships Disney built with fellow attractions when the belief that what was good for Orlando and Central Florida was good for Disney. This ended in the mid-’80s when Michael Eisner took over as CEO and the company started viewing the other attractions as true competitors and began building more hotels and attractions on WDW property and the goal became to get everyone to stay on Disney property during their entire vacation, which continues to this day.

Click here for a watermark-free PDF.

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Universal Orlando Guide Maps – August 2016

Our family took a vacation to Universal Orlando the first week of August, 2016. It was the first visit for my children, and my wife and my first visit since around 2000. We used to live about a mile north of UO, and we had annual passes for many years and visited often, through the opening of Islands of Adventure.

My wife LOVES Harry Potter, and she’s reading the books (again) with my kids, and they’re enjoying the stories as well. So, a trip to Universal was welcomed by all. Even for someone who isn’t a huge HP fan, I thought that the Harry Potter “worlds” at Universal were incredibly well done and immersive in the theming. Disney needs to step up its game. I can’t wait to see what Star Wars land will be like at DHS.

The photos from our trip can be found on Flickr.
Below are the images from the guide maps for the parks, including maps/guides to the Cabana Bay Resort where we stayed. (Excellent resort, BTW. Highly recommended.)

Also below are the links to the PDFs of the guides if you wish to download them.

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Vacationer’s Guide to WDW – 1976

In honor of Independence Day, below are images of the Vacationer’s Guide to Walt Disney World when “America on Parade” was running in honor of America’s Bicentennial. I have the “America on Parade” book, and I’ll be scanning it and posting it. I may post it closer to Election Day (2016).

If you want to hear more about “America on Parade,” I highly recommend listening to RetroDisneyWorld’s podcast that they dedicated to it.

You can find the non-watermarked PDF here.


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Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show

Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show ran from May 5, 2005 and ended its run on April 2, 2016. My family only watched the show one time in 2014, and it was entertaining. I think I kinda resented LMA for the longest time because to make room for it, Residential Street was demolished, and I didn’t like that decision. If you haven’t already noticed, I don’t like change. 😉 But, now that this attraction has been closed and will soon be demolished to make room for Toy Story Land/Star Wars Land, this too is another lost attraction.

Below are a few photos that I took during our visit.

Disney Will Stop Printing Disney Dollars This Week

When I was a kid I loved Disney Dollars. For those unfamiliar, they’re Disney’s paper notes that look like real money and feature cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and Dumbo on the front. They’re only good at Disney Parks and stores, making them essentially like gift certificates. But Disney will stop printing Disney Dollars on May 14, 2016.

Source: Disney Will Stop Printing Disney Dollars This Week

Disneyland and California Adventure Guidemaps – February 2016

Well, these aren’t that old. But they are from our trip to Disneyland last month. I’m not thrilled with the cover of either guidemap, but they’re still Disney guidemaps, so I love them. 🙂

You can download the full PDF of the Disneyland guidemap here, and the California Adventure guidemap can be downloaded here.

DL_Guidemap_2016_01-Edit-4 DCA_Guidemap_2016_01-Edit-2

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Epcot Guidemap – 25th Anniversary Celebration – 10/1/07

I obtained this guidemap thanks to my good friend who attended the Epcot 25th Anniversary celebration on October 1, 2007. I had moved back to New Orleans a month earlier and was bummed that I wouldn’t be there to attend the festivities. He took a day off of work to be there and to get me this guidemap and one of the special edition Figment plush. I really appreciate that he did this. Wish I could have been there with him! You can download the full PDF here.

 Epcot 25 Guide 01

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8 Photos That Make Us Fall In Love With World of Motion All Over Again « Disney Parks Blog

Although it’s now just a part of Epcot’s history, World of Motion was one of the park’s original attractions that guests flocked to on opening day. The attraction, then sponsored by General Motors, took guests on a time travel journey through the history of transportation – man’s foibles and triumphs in designing new vehicles, the age of flight, and the development of the horseless carriage, as well as the transportation trends our culture latched on to like the bicycle, the family Sunday drive, and the summer road trip.

Source: 8 Photos That Make Us Fall In Love With World of Motion All Over Again « Disney Parks Blog.

Disney Channel Magazine – April/May 1983 – Premier Issue

Imagine it’s April, 18, 1983. You wake up and there’s a new channel in your cable lineup.  You turn it on in the morning and there’s classic Mickey Mouse cartoons, Mousercise, So Dear to My Heart, Epcot Magazine(!), and the main feature of the day: Tron. Just look through the offerings on the channel in this premier issue of The Disney Channel magazine; I dare you not to wish for a time machine so you can go back and watch a day’s worth of shows. It’s kinda depressing to realize what the Disney Channel was, and what its become today. It used to be a family channel with something for everyone in the family (sounds like Walt’s original idea for Disneyland); now, it’s just slapstick kids shows. Sad. So, so sad.

You can download the full PDF here.


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A look through the starport portal at the Walt Disney World of the past