Your Guide to the Magic Kingdom – 1981

This is the 1981 version of "Your Guide to the Magic Kingdom." This version was distributed late in 1981 during the start of the Tencennial celebration. I will post the 1982 version that is very similar, but has actual photos from the Tencennial parade. Click here to download the PDF. .

Walt Disney's Guide to Disneyland – 1964

This is "Walt Disney's Guide to Disneyland" from 1964. A co-worker bought this at a book fair last week, and he was kind enough to lend it to me. It's very interesting reading some of the language used in the book, and I love the "Coming Attractions" page that describes New Orleans Square, the Haunted... Continue Reading →

Pre-Opening Guide to EPCOT Center – 1982

This is a pre-opening guide to EPCOT Center. It includes concept art and construction photos. Click here for PDF

The Complete Guide to WDW – 1978

This is the 1978 guidebook to Walt Disney World.  Since the Magic Kingdom was the only theme park, this guide serves as the MK guide as well as the guide to all of WDW.  It includes all of the A - E ticket designations for each attraction. Click here for the PDF.

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