Starport75 Podcast – What Is Going On at Disney? Layoffs, Park Crowds, Disneyland Still Closed. Is It Still Fun?

Chris and Glenn discuss whatโ€™s happening around WDW and the Disney company, whether or not itโ€™s even still fun and worth all the hassle and expense, and we end on a high note with a great book recommendation.

Starport75 Podcast – Holiday episode! Baby Yoda, Rise of the Resistance, and Disney Cruise discussions

We discuss the first weeks of Disney+ and some of the series, a few news items from around the Disney universe, the opening of Rise of the Resistance at DHS and Glennโ€™s upcoming Disney Cruise

Starport75 Podcast – The Disney Skyliner opens next month! I can’t wait!…said nobody ever. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Starport75 Podcast - Disney News - SW Rise of the Resistance, Skyliner opening dates, Gran Destino Tower opens, and more!

Disney News – Fall 1982

The "Disney News" was a magazine that was sent to members of the Magic Kingdom Club. The first issue was in Winter 1965 and lasted until Winter 1995 (when it had changed names to the Disney Magazine). It then continued as a general magazine that could be purchased by anyone until Summer 2005. This is... Continue Reading →

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