Greetings! I am DizWiz, and I started this site because I wanted to share my Disney collection and memories with all of you.

My first trip to Walt Disney World was in 1976 with my family.  I was only five, but I still remember watching the “America on Parade” parade on Main Street.  My Mom and Dad took us on vacation to WDW annually through 1979.  The 1979 trip is the one I remember the most and is the one that really made me start obsessing over all things Disney.

I made a trip at least once a year in 1982 and then from 1985 – 1987 and then from 1989 – 1991.  In Spring 1991, I worked on the WDW College Program, where I earned my Ductorate Degree.  After I graduated college, I applied to work at Disney, but there was a hiring freeze in effect.  So I found another job and moved from New Orleans to Orlando in 1994.  At least I was close to the magic 🙂

While my “temporary” job rapidly became my career, my wife did work for WDW.  So we spent the next many years visiting WDW every weekend.

In 2007, we moved back home to New Orleans.  I have been reviewing my Disney collection and I have decided that I would like to scan in as much as possible so that I can have it easily accessible in an electronic format.  Since I’m doing this, I thought that perhaps there are other Disney fanatics out there on the interwebs that would enjoy seeing my collection.  Thus, this site was born.

The postings are not going to be in any sort of order.  They will be posted as I come across items to scan.  I will try to tag everything so that it groups properly and make things a bit easier to find.

I hope you enjoy!

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