Mickey and Goofy Explore the Universe of Energy – 1985

I’m sure everyone either has a copy of this comic book or has seen it at some point.  If you haven’t, well, this post is for you.

This is a complimentary comic book that was given out at the Universe of Energy in the 1980s.  It is pure propaganda for Exxon and fossil fuels, and it’s kinda weird seeing Mickey and Goofy talking about fossil fuels in a comic book, but Disney has to pay the bills somehow.

It is a great souvenir from my first trip to EPCOT Center.  It was free (which is always a plus), and Communicore and the Energy Exchange are both gone now, as is the original UoE show, so it’s a great way to remember the old EPCOT Center.

You may also click here to download the PDF of the Universe_of_Energy_comic

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