Podcast Episode 056 – Mission to Mars

  • Released 9/7/18
  • Remember the Magic – Mission to Mars
    • Chris never experienced the attraction – it’s a regret
  • History
    • 1955: Rocket to the Moon at Disneyland
      • No space travel in 1955
      • Circular theater with three levels of seats: 162 seats total
      • Screen in the floor and ceiling in the middle of the theater
      • Seats had pneumatic controls and would raise and lower
      • Was a D-Ticket attraction
        • Discussion about ticket levels
      • Building was demolished in 1966
        • The TWA rocket was moved to the TWA Corporate Headquarters building in Kansas City, MO
      • Rebuilt within a year
    • 1967: Flight to the Moon at Disneyland and WDW (1971)
      • Introduced audio animatronics in the preshow, including Mr. Tom Morrow
    • 1975: Mission to Mars at Disneyland and WDW
      • Changed Mr. Tom Morrow to Mr. Johnson from Space Control and added female AAs
      • Sponsored by McDonnell-Douglas
      • Closed in 1992 in Disneyland and 1993 in WDW
    • 2003: Mission:Space at Epcot
      • The spiritual successor to MtM

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