Globe-Trotting Through Cherry Tree Lane

Globe-Trotting Through Cherry Tree Lane – D23

This isn’t directly related to the theme parks, but it has to do with Disney history and models, so it’s right up our alley.

I had first read this story on Kevin Kidney’s Instagram post and thought it was fascinating. By the way: I highly suggest that you follow Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily. They are very talented and have worked for Disney and designed everything from merchandise to parades. They’re very open and post some really fascinating stories and photos about their time designing for Disney.

This D23 article expands on their post, and adds additional information about Dave Smith finding the original snow globe after he started the Disney Archives. As an aside: can you imagine the effort and excitement Dave Smith had creating the Disney Archives? What a wonderful task of going through the offices and storage areas and finding and cataloging the many, many items that had been part of Disney’s history. It’s kind of a shock that there wasn’t an archive started earlier in the company’s history, but I guess they were just trying to survive and stay profitable. But, you would think by the 50s that the importance of an archive would have been evident. Instead, it took until 1970 to start it. Here’s a brief summary of the archives.

I haven’t seen Mary Poppins Returns yet, but when I do, I’ll be on the lookout for this snow globe.


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