Starport75 Podcast – The Episode of Magic

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Listen in on a little potpourri of discussion about Epcot, TV show, Hamilton, the Pixar brand, and keep listening as Chris gives a wonderful History segment on the Magic shops in Disney parks.

  • Released on 8/20/20
  • School is starting!
  • Cherry Coke Energy drink
    • Coke + Coffee drink coming out
    • Will Club Cool be replaced at Epcot?
  • Epcot
  • Chris started watching “Hamilton”…and hasn’t finished watching it yet. He’s exhausted from watching Act I.
  • Show recommendations:
    • “High Score” on Netflix
    • “The Speed Cubers” also on Netflix
    • “Mr. Robot” – excellent show, but Glenn didn’t like the ending. Somebody please explain it to him…
  • Why does Disney keep the Pixar brand? Why not fold it into WD Animation?
  • Chris has a surprise history topic to cover…Magic Shops at Disney Parks!
    • Original Magic Shop
    • Moved to Main Street – Main Street Magic Shop
      • 1957
      • Original stayed open until Merlin’s closed in 1983
      • Where the confectionary is at WDW.
      • Same cast member demonstrations.
      • The July 28, 1977 issue of the Disneyland Line employee newsletter described the “quaint, cozy specialty shop” where “Shelf upon mysterious shelf filled with such oddities as joy buzzers, garlic taffy, dribble glasses and rubber masks attract the wandering eyes of visitors to the shop
      • 2009 takeover by Houdini’s Magic Shop (private operator)
        • Chain
        • Vegas
    • WDW – House of Magic
      • 1971
      • As its Disneyland precursor had, the House of Magic sold cards, hand tricks, masks, puzzles, and “gags.” Cast members bantered as they performed various hand magic and demonstrated products for sale.
      • Closed 1995.
      • 2017 returned to original facade.
    • Tokyo
      • Part of World Bazaar
    • Disneyland Paris
    • Hong Kong
      • Similar to DLP
      • “Merlin’s Treasures”

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