Anniversary Bumper Stickers

Here are a few bumper stickers from the WDW anniversary celebrations (15th and 20th), EPCOT's 10th, and the millennium (I know, not really an anniversary per se, but I needed to categorize it somehow)

Pre-Opening Guide to EPCOT Center – 1982

This is a pre-opening guide to EPCOT Center. It includes concept art and construction photos. Click here for PDF

Mickey and Goofy Explore the Universe of Energy – 1985

I'm sure everyone either has a copy of this comic book or has seen it at some point.  If you haven't, well, this post is for you. This is a complimentary comic book that was given out at the Universe of Energy in the 1980s.  It is pure propaganda for Exxon and fossil fuels, and... Continue Reading →

Picture of Doug McClure as the "Star of the Day"

Related to the previous post, here's a picture of Doug McClure as the "Star of the Day" at Disney-MGM Studios in 1989.

Disney-MGM Studios Guide Book – Opening Year 1989

This is the guide book from Disney-MGM Studios.  I took a trip there with my brother, girlfriend (now my wife) and her sister.  We went in August, 1989 and it was very exciting, because Disney-MGM was so new.  There weren't that many attractions, but the Studio Tour took 2 hours to complete.  And Disney was... Continue Reading →

Pleasure Island Brochure – 1989

In light of the recent news that the Adventurer's Club and BET Soundstage will soon be torn down, I thought I would post this brochure from when Pleasure Island first opened.  I know I had great times there during my College Program semester, and I will probably shed a tear when they eventually raze the... Continue Reading →

XZFR Rockin' Rollerdrome – August 1989

A picture of the XZFR Rockin' Rollerdrom from August 1989.  They still had the rollerskating rink at this time.  This became our favorite hangout during the Spring '91 College Program, but by that time, the rollerskating was gone.  Probably a good thing.

EPCOT Center – Future World – 1987

This is a picture I took in 1987 by the middle of CommuniCore West.  Do you remember when there was water in the main plaza?  It was so peaceful and brought a different element into the area.  I'm not sure when these were taken out and paved over.  It's a shame that they were removed.

The Spirit of EPCOT Center

This is a booklet that was given to EPCOT Center's new Cast Members.  I'm not sure if it was just given to the first Cast Members, or if it was given out after the park opened.  It was put together before EPCOT was open, because it only has pre-opening photos and mentions the "German Rivers"... Continue Reading →

Magic Kingdom Guide Book – 1987

Happy 39th Birthday, Magic Kingdom and WDW!  This is the guidebook from the 15 Years celebration in 1986/1987.  I got this book during our trip in 1987.  This year was my 15th wedding anniversary, and my sister sang the song from the parade to me.  We have great memories for the oddest things.  Nothing useful,... Continue Reading →

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