Disney’s Blizzard Beach Guide Map – 1995

This is the guidemap for Blizzard Beach from the opening in 1995. I think that Ice Gator was a great mascot for the park. He was everything that I love: unique to the park, original, and fun. I don't have an exact date or reason why, but it appears that Ice Gator started to get... Continue Reading →

The Silver Creek Star – Summer 1995 Edition

"The Silver Creek Star" was given out at the Wilderness Lodge Resort at check-in. It contains all of the basic guest information for the resort, all in a humorous newspaper format. My wife and I spent our Honeymoon at the Wilderness Lodge, and this is where this copy is from. Also included is the "World... Continue Reading →

Anniversary Bumper Stickers

Here are a few bumper stickers from the WDW anniversary celebrations (15th and 20th), EPCOT's 10th, and the millennium (I know, not really an anniversary per se, but I needed to categorize it somehow)

Star Tours Bumper Stickers

I finally have a large format scanner, so I've started my scanning project again. I came across a bunch of bumper stickers, so I'll be scanning and posting these first. In honor of the last weekend of Star Tours Weekends, here are a couple of Star Tours bumper stickers. The first one I bought in... Continue Reading →

Countdown to Extinction Mousepad – 1998

Here's a mousepad from "Countdown to Extinction" in Animal Kingdom.  This is before the ride was renamed "Dinosaur." The ride really didn't change much during the renaming of the attraction.  It would have been nice if they would have kept the original name and not tried to tie it into a forgettable movie, but that's just my... Continue Reading →

Animal Kingdom Guide Book – Opening Day

This is the Guide Book from April 22, 1998 - Opening Day.  My wife and I went to Animal Kingdom after we both got off of work for the day.  It was crowded, but we managed to pick up this guide and one of the opening day posters.  We had been to Animal Kingdom for... Continue Reading →

Kilimanjaro Safaris Postcard – 1998

Here's a postcard from 1998.  The Kilimanjaro Safaris was our favorite ride when the park first opened, and this postcard shows a map of the entire safari. Here's the back of the postcard:

Magic Kingdom Guide – October 13 – 19, 1997

This guidebook isn't that old, but the date is important to a friend of mine.  And a lot has changed in the MK in the last 13 years. Don't we all miss the Castle Cake?  🙂

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