Your Guide to the Magic Kingdom – 1981

This is the 1981 version of "Your Guide to the Magic Kingdom." This version was distributed late in 1981 during the start of the Tencennial celebration. I will post the 1982 version that is very similar, but has actual photos from the Tencennial parade. Click here to download the PDF. .

The Story of Walt Disney World – 1971 Edition

"The Story of Walt Disney World" is special to me, as it is the first WDW book bought by my Father during our first trip to the Magic Kingdom in 1976. However, this isn't the version that I'm presenting here. This is the first edition that came out in 1971. The second edition is the... Continue Reading →

Anniversary Bumper Stickers

Here are a few bumper stickers from the WDW anniversary celebrations (15th and 20th), EPCOT's 10th, and the millennium (I know, not really an anniversary per se, but I needed to categorize it somehow)

Orlando Sentinel Special Section – 10/27/71

This is a special section from the October 27, 1971 publication of The Orlando Sentinel. This is an editorial section that covers the Grand Opening celebrations that took place on 10/25/71 and gives an overview of the resort. What's so unique about it is that it's printed in color. Full color pictures were pretty rare for... Continue Reading →

Haunted Mansion

Here's a picture of the Haunted Mansion from 2006 that I processed through Photomatix. I'm getting in the Halloween spirit.

Magic Kingdom Guide – October 13 – 19, 1997

This guidebook isn't that old, but the date is important to a friend of mine.  And a lot has changed in the MK in the last 13 years. Don't we all miss the Castle Cake?  🙂

Magic Kingdom Guide Book – 1987

Happy 39th Birthday, Magic Kingdom and WDW!  This is the guidebook from the 15 Years celebration in 1986/1987.  I got this book during our trip in 1987.  This year was my 15th wedding anniversary, and my sister sang the song from the parade to me.  We have great memories for the oddest things.  Nothing useful,... Continue Reading →

Walt Disney World News – June 1979

This is a copy of the Walt Disney World News that we received during our stay at the Contemporary Resort in June, 1979.  It's wonderful to see all of the other offerings besides the Magic Kingdom that the "World" had to offer.  It seems so much more relaxing than it is today.  And it wasn't... Continue Reading →

The Complete Guide to WDW – 1978

This is the 1978 guidebook to Walt Disney World.  Since the Magic Kingdom was the only theme park, this guide serves as the MK guide as well as the guide to all of WDW.  It includes all of the A - E ticket designations for each attraction. Click here for the PDF.

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