The Story of Walt Disney World – 1971 Edition

“The Story of Walt Disney World” is special to me, as it is the first WDW book bought by my Father during our first trip to the Magic Kingdom in 1976. However, this isn’t the version that I’m presenting here. This is the first edition that came out in 1971. The second edition is the one that my Dad got, and the one that I still treasure to this day. I will scan that one too at some point.

Since the first edition came out while the park was just opening, there are only a few shots of the finished park with guests. But the biggest difference between the two editions is the property map. The map in this edition shows the “future” Asian, Venetian, and Persian Resort hotels on the map, while the 1976 version doesn’t.

It’s a shame that Disney doesn’t produce material like this anymore. Everything today is perfectly photographed and “magical.” I would love to see a book that told the story of building the New Fantasyland or the remake of DCA.

Here’s a link to the PDF if you would like to download it.






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