Magic Kingdom Guide – 40th Anniversary

This is the Magic Kingdom guidemap from 10/1/11, the 40th Anniversary of the Magic Kingdom. In the middle of the guide, it contains a reproduction of the original 1971 souvenir map. That alone makes this one a keeper. Download the PDF here

Your Complete Guide to WDW – 1976

Our family took our first trip to Walt Disney World in the summer of 1976. I guess that's why I have an affinity for anything to do with America on Parade. I just love these old guidebooks. They're like a time capsule. Look at the ticket prices. Check out what was included in the A-E... Continue Reading →

Disney News – Winter 1979

This is the Disney News Magazine from Winter 1979. It's a fairly ordinary issue, as not much new was opening in the parks at this time. Disney was gearing up for the 25th Birthday celebration for Epcot, and there's articles on Christmas in the Parks and the Disney foxes, along with features on the parade... Continue Reading →

Vacationland – Fall 1971 – Inaugural Edition

Vacationland was a magazine published three times a year by Walt Disney World. It was distributed through hotels, motels, and tourist attractions and was targeted to the people vacationing throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana. This is the Inaugural Edition from Fall, 1971. It's interesting to see the marketing of WDW and the partnerships Disney... Continue Reading →

Vacationer's Guide to WDW – 1976

In honor of Independence Day, below are images of the Vacationer's Guide to Walt Disney World when "America on Parade" was running in honor of America's Bicentennial. I have the "America on Parade" book, and I'll be scanning it and posting it. I may post it closer to Election Day (2016). If you want to... Continue Reading →

The Story of Walt Disney World – 1971 Edition

"The Story of Walt Disney World" is special to me, as it is the first WDW book bought by my Father during our first trip to the Magic Kingdom in 1976. However, this isn't the version that I'm presenting here. This is the first edition that came out in 1971. The second edition is the... Continue Reading →

Orlando Sentinel Special Section – 10/27/71

This is a special section from the October 27, 1971 publication of The Orlando Sentinel. This is an editorial section that covers the Grand Opening celebrations that took place on 10/25/71 and gives an overview of the resort. What's so unique about it is that it's printed in color. Full color pictures were pretty rare for... Continue Reading →

Firecracker 400 – 1976

Yes, this isn't Disney related, but I wanted to share anyway because NASCAR is racing at Daytona tonight. Our first trip to WDW was in June, 1976. We also took a side trip to Daytona Beach to visit Daytona International Speedway because my dad was a huge racing and Richard Petty fan. I couldn't care... Continue Reading →

Preview Guide to Walt Disney World – 1970/1971

This is the preview guide book that was given out to visitors to the Preview Center in Lake Buena Vista. This is a scan of the actual book from 1970, not the 2011 reprint from the D23 Destination D event. Here's a link to the PDF with no watermark.

Walt Disney World Ad – 1971

I believe my Father-In-Law gave me this ad, as he used to be in charge of organizing incentive trips for the paperboys at the newspaper.  Regardless of where I got it, it's pretty neat because it must have been put together before WDW opened.  There's only concept art, and the picture of Mickey is at... Continue Reading →

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