Disney News – Fall 1982

The “Disney News” was a magazine that was sent to members of the Magic Kingdom Club. The first issue was in Winter 1965 and lasted until Winter 1995 (when it had changed names to the Disney Magazine). It then continued as a general magazine that could be purchased by anyone until Summer 2005.

This is the Fall 1982 version of Disney News and it covers the opening of EPCOT Center, which is fascinating by itself. However, there are a few other interesting items to note. First, the Editor of Disney News was Stephen Birnbaum. Yes, the same Steve Birnbaum of travel book fame. Second, there’s an article about the New Fantasyland that will debut the following year at Disneyland. There’s an article about Walt’s love of trains. Then there’s an article about the new Disney Channel that will make its debut in Spring 1983. Finally, there are some tips on getting the best photos at the Disney parks and other updates about the goings-on at the company. It’s a pretty packed issue, and it’s a great time capsule of what was happening at that time.

Click here to download PDF of the entire magazine.



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