Disney Channel Magazine – April/May 1983 – Premier Issue

Imagine it’s April, 18, 1983. You wake up and there’s a new channel in your cable lineup.  You turn it on in the morning and there’s classic Mickey Mouse cartoons, Mousercise, So Dear to My Heart, Epcot Magazine(!), and the main feature of the day: Tron. Just look through the offerings on the channel in this premier issue of The Disney Channel magazine; I dare you not to wish for a time machine so you can go back and watch a day’s worth of shows. It’s kinda depressing to realize what the Disney Channel was, and what its become today. It used to be a family channel with something for everyone in the family (sounds like Walt’s original idea for Disneyland); now, it’s just slapstick kids shows. Sad. So, so sad.

You can download the full PDF here.


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