Universal Orlando Guide Maps – August 2016

Our family took a vacation to Universal Orlando the first week of August, 2016. It was the first visit for my children, and my wife and my first visit since around 2000. We used to live about a mile north of UO, and we had annual passes for many years and visited often, through the opening of Islands of Adventure.

My wife LOVES Harry Potter, and she’s reading the books (again) with my kids, and they’re enjoying the stories as well. So, a trip to Universal was welcomed by all. Even for someone who isn’t a huge HP fan, I thought that the Harry Potter “worlds” at Universal were incredibly well done and immersive in the theming. Disney needs to step up its game. I can’t wait to see what Star Wars land will be like at DHS.

The photos from our trip can be found on Flickr.
Below are the images from the guide maps for the parks, including maps/guides to the Cabana Bay Resort where we stayed. (Excellent resort, BTW. Highly recommended.)

Also below are the links to the PDFs of the guides if you wish to download them.

Links to PDFs:


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