Galaxy’s Edge Guidemaps from Opening Weekend in Disneyland

I caved and bought the guidemaps and a promotional brochure on eBay. I know I’m contributing to the problem, but I have a weak spot for Disney ephemera, as this site attests to.

Anyway, below is the Galaxy’s Edge Guidemap, which in it’s physical form, is beautiful: it’s on a cardstock (not regular paper), and is glossy and matte in different places. The scans certainly don’t do it justice. Also below is the regular Disneyland Guidemap for the whole park. And, finally, a promotional brochure for Galaxy’s Edge.

Chris and I recorded a new podcast this week, and I’ll be posting that episode (#72) soon. We talk a good bit about Galaxy’s Edge and our hopes for when it opens in Walt Disney World.

Click on the title below to download the PDF:

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