Disney News – Fall 1982

The "Disney News" was a magazine that was sent to members of the Magic Kingdom Club. The first issue was in Winter 1965 and lasted until Winter 1995 (when it had changed names to the Disney Magazine). It then continued as a general magazine that could be purchased by anyone until Summer 2005. This is... Continue Reading →

Backstage Studio Tour – 2014

I thought I would post more recent photos from a now-extinct attraction. These two shots are from what turned out to be our final ride on the Backstage Studio Tour during our June, 2014 trip and are from the Catastrophe Canyon section of the ride. I am thrilled that my children got to ride it... Continue Reading →

Walt Disney World – A Pictorial Souvenir – 1983

This is the early 1983 pictorial souvenir book for the Walt Disney World resort. To me, 1982 - 1992 is perhaps the greatest era of Walt Disney World, and this book is a great showcase of the start of that time. You can download the pdf of the book here. .

EPCOT during WDW's 15th Anniversary Celebration

All this news about the start of Disneyland's 60th anniversary celebration this weekend made me dig through my photos, and I found this one of Epcot during Walt Disney World's 15th Anniversary Celebration. This was taken in June 1987 during our family trip.

The Silver Creek Star – Summer 1995 Edition

"The Silver Creek Star" was given out at the Wilderness Lodge Resort at check-in. It contains all of the basic guest information for the resort, all in a humorous newspaper format. My wife and I spent our Honeymoon at the Wilderness Lodge, and this is where this copy is from. Also included is the "World... Continue Reading →


As promised yesterday, here is the 1982 version of “Your Guide to the Magic Kingdom.” This version was distributed in 1982 during the Tencennial celebration. I went on a trip to WDW in April, 1982--my first time in three years. It was so nice to get back there and I took my first ride on... Continue Reading →

Your Guide to the Magic Kingdom – 1981

This is the 1981 version of "Your Guide to the Magic Kingdom." This version was distributed late in 1981 during the start of the Tencennial celebration. I will post the 1982 version that is very similar, but has actual photos from the Tencennial parade. Click here to download the PDF. .

The Story of Walt Disney World – 1971 Edition

"The Story of Walt Disney World" is special to me, as it is the first WDW book bought by my Father during our first trip to the Magic Kingdom in 1976. However, this isn't the version that I'm presenting here. This is the first edition that came out in 1971. The second edition is the... Continue Reading →

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