Starport75 Podcast – Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover – WEDWay

Chris and Glenn discuss the history of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover - WEDWay

Starport75 Podcast – What Is Going On at Disney? Layoffs, Park Crowds, Disneyland Still Closed. Is It Still Fun?

Chris and Glenn discuss what’s happening around WDW and the Disney company, whether or not it’s even still fun and worth all the hassle and expense, and we end on a high note with a great book recommendation.

Starport75 Podcast – DizWiz’s trip to WDW! Rise of the Resistance! Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway! Magic Kingdom! Bye, bye, Money!

After a stressful year personally and professionally (and also a good bit of FOMO), Glenn decided to take a quick family trip to WDW. Chris and Glenn discuss the pros and cons of the trip and if Glenn would do it again.

Starport75 Podcast – The Episode of Magic

Listen in on a little potpourri of discussion about Epcot, TV show, Hamilton, the Pixar brand, and keep listening as Chris gives a wonderful History segment on the Magic shops in Disney parks.

Starport75 Podcast – Disney World is Reopening!

On the eve of the reopening of Walt Disney World, Chris and Glenn talk about what the experience will be like in the parks, what else is going on at the resort, and our thoughts on the reopening.

Starport75 Podcast – Remembering Disney World’s 25th Anniversary and the Castle Cake

As Glenn scans old film negatives, photos of the Castle Cake have brought up memories of Disney World’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, so we take a journey back 24 years and wonder what the 50th Celebration will be

Starport75 Podcast – Disney World is Opening in July! Too Early? Too Late? Time to Discuss…

Starport75 Podcast: Disney announced today that the theme parks at Disney World are going to open in mid-July. Is that too early, too late, or just right? Chris and Glenn discuss.

Starport75 Podcast – When will Walt Disney World reopen? Special guest Casey Liss joins us to discuss

We have the pleasure of having Casey Liss @caseyliss as a guest again, and we talk about when we think Walt Disney World will reopen

Starport75 Podcast – I’d like to teach the world to sing…

Discussion about Coke and how delicious it is, and then a talk about what we which park we would pick to be in for an hour with everything shut down.

Starport75 Podcast – Glenn’s Extraordinary Disney Cruise Line Trip Report

A review of Glenn’s trip on the Disney Wonder out of the Port of New Orleans with a stop in Cozumel, Mexico. Bonus post-show photography discussion.

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